Organizational Structure


Board of Directors

This body is composed of five (5) members representing five different sectors of the society, namely:

  • Mercedes D. Mendoza
    Position: Chairman
    Sector Represented: Civic
    Terms: None
  • Arturo G. Penaserada
    Position: Secretary
    Sector Represented: Professional
    Terms: None
  • Aldegonda A. Vina
    Position: Member
    Sector Represented: Education
    Terms: None
  • Gina M. Pagente
    Position: Member
    Sector Represented: Women
    Terms: None
  • George R. Lumbab
    Position: Member
    Sector Represented: Business
    Terms: None

These Board of Directors were appointed by the Municipal Mayor whose nominations are done by the organization where they are affiliated. They are the policy makers of the agency.


The district is headed  by  General Manager  Cedric D. Laguerta, who is appointed by the
Chairman of the Board of Directors. Qualifications of any candidate for the position is anchored on the formulated Qualification Standards set by  the Civil Service Commission. He implemented the policies, rules & regulations formulated by the Board of Directors deemed necessary to carry out efficiently and effectively the trust of water service to the community.

All other positions in the organization, qualified and competent employees are appointed by the General Manager.

The Department of Budget & Management has approved twelve (12) Position Allocation List and shall be appointed in consonance with the qualification standards set by the CSC.

  • id-laguerta
    Cedric D. Laguerta
    Position: General Manager D
  • id-guingao
    Melogen D. Guingao
    Position: Administrative / General Services Officer B
  • id-bacolod
    Mary Cristy B. Bacolod
    Position: Utilities / Customer Services Assistant A

  • Vacant
    Position: Cashier D

  • Vacant
    Position: Senior Accounting Processor B
  • id-delacerna
    Edwin M. dela Cerna
    Position: Water Resources Facilities Tender A
  • id-makiling
    Juvy V. Makiling
    Position: Water Resources Facilities Tender B
  • id-aliuddin
    Julhambri A. Aliuddin
    Position: Water Resources Facilities Operator C
  • id-napone
    Adrien C. Napone
    Position: Water Resources Facilities Operator C
  • id-pahuyo
    Joven R. Pahuyo
    Position: Utility Worker A

  • Janet M. Cole
    Position: Utility Worker A

  • Vacant
    Position: Utility Worker B

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